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Many of you might be wondering how voting on the Top H1Z1 Clans Website works, and what a few things mean. We're here to clear up any confusion. 


Votes In (also Hits In) - Is the main method of determining the top spot for the Top H1Z1 Clans website. The best way to get these votes in is by posting the image that you'll find in the control panel on your site for your members and visitors to vote daily. 

Votes Out (also Hits Out) - This method is for gaining votes that at this current time do not use for any ranking, but might at some point in time do a contest on "Votes Out". What this is, is people who visit the Top H1Z1 Clans website, check out your clan/community/group and then click the "Vote" button within your stats page. This is very useful to see how many people might be voting for your site directly from the Top H1Z1 Clans website as most groups when they have their members vote, do both votes at once. 


How Often Do Stats Reset?

The stats reset MONTHLY. We have the stats resetting monthly due to the fact that we understand there might be some days that are better for other groups or some weeks rather. We feel it is only fair to go based on monthly voting rather than an 'average' or any other method that might not be fair to a group just joining the website. You can find when the stats will reset each month on the main page of the website in the left hand side bar.