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Kindred Gaming

Clans come and go but family is forever. That's what you get with kindred gaming. We pride ourselves on providing a toxic free gaming environment for the casual and hardcore gamers alike. Hackers and exploiters need not apply.

Average Votes: 10  Total Votes This Period: 76
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Synergy Gaming

Synergy Gaming is recruiting! Synergy Gaming is a new community, with members from all parts of the world, and all backgrounds of games. What do we want to do? Synergy Gaming is looking to expand ourselves to multiple games, and becoming a...

Average Votes: 46.5  Total Votes This Period: 69
Category: World Wide Clan/Community  Discussion:
OG - Originals

Every time you hear OG anywhere you go, think about us. We come from day 1 of H1Z1. Every time we step foot in a server, OG is recognized.

Average Votes: 18.6  Total Votes This Period: 48
Category: US Clan/Community  Discussion:


Average Votes: 12.6  Total Votes This Period: 41
Category: EU Clan/Community  Discussion:
The KoOL KiLLerS

KoOL KiLLerS is a PC gaming community/clan. Please note we are only recruiting H1Z1 players from EU (Due to the time difference) and above the age of 21... So are you sick of being KOS'd as a lonewolf ? Do you wanna fight in a big group and survive with...

Average Votes: 40.8  Total Votes This Period: 33
Category: EU Clan/Community  Discussion:
Paradox Rising H1Z1

A worldwide based clan who are actively recruiting new players from all time zones. Please Contact us via our face book page or on steam (Kim41282 / BournePDX / Xzan74999) We are mostly in our 30s / 40s , many of us have young children. We require you to...

Average Votes: 21.8  Total Votes This Period: 31
Category: World Wide Clan/Community  Discussion:
[Konvict gaming] - [+16] -[UTC +1] [LFM Players hc or casual] - [Multi-gaming community]

At Konvict Gaming we are a international gaming community which supports a large number of games including Day Z, ISS, Archage, League of Legends, CS:GO, Final Fantasy, Dota and more. We are now happy to be supporting the release of H1Z1! Join today!!!

Average Votes: 13.9  Total Votes This Period: 16
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The Chaos Vanguard

The Chaos Vanguard's H1Z1 section consists of hardcore gamers who are experienced in the game and just have an awesome time together. We promote both casual and competitive gamestyle and host events both ingame and outside of it! Our requirements are the...

Average Votes: 33.8  Total Votes This Period: 15
Category: World Wide Clan/Community  Discussion:
#9  1k


Average Votes: 15.4  Total Votes This Period: 15
Category: World Wide Clan/Community  Discussion:
Silent Warriors Gaming

Silent Warriors Gaming Community is a community of gamers that are across multiple games. A majority of us play survival games and are looking for new members to join us in our progress through H1Z1.

Average Votes: 6.1  Total Votes This Period: 14
Category: World Wide Clan/Community  Discussion:


Recruitment >OPEN< World Wide Mature Community, we are an Exclusive H1Z1 tactical structured group. We thrive to survive, if you are sick of playing alone and/or looking for a group, look NO more, please Apply!.... But first read our SOP's (rules)...

Average Votes: 15.1  Total Votes This Period: 11
Category: World Wide Clan/Community  Discussion:
Crimson Operations

We are a social and mature gaming community looking for more H1Z1 members to join us. English only, must be at least 16 years of age.

Average Votes: 12.4  Total Votes This Period: 11
Category: World Wide Clan/Community  Discussion:
Team DELTA [EU] Fr

We are a multigaming community since 2005. We love lot of survival games. We are anti cheater, and we love h1z1 challenge. Speciality : Pvp and base raiding. Our experience member is between 600 hours and 1400 hours. We can join us

Average Votes: 13.5  Total Votes This Period: 11
Category: EU Clan/Community  Discussion:
HeadHunters Gaming Community

HeadHunters Gaming Community is a 70+ member community, with Divisions in Insurgency, H1Z1 and DOTA 2. Originally spawning from Nether, our members believe in tactics, Communication and Teamwork.

Average Votes: 7.8  Total Votes This Period: 10
Category: World Wide Clan/Community  Discussion:
The Wizards

The Wizards, originally formed from a small group of friends about a year back, was built by hardcore survival game experts. Now with the release of H1Z1 we've decided to expand our group and invite others. Do you want to survive? Join us now.

Average Votes: 23  Total Votes This Period: 10
Category: US Clan/Community  Discussion:

#16  chat


Average Votes: 1.3  Total Votes This Period: 10
Category: EU Clan/Community  Discussion:
#17  sohbet


Average Votes: 60.9  Total Votes This Period: 9
Category: AS Clan/Community  Discussion:
Reborn Dominion - 18+ (Preferred)

RECRUITMENT IS OPEN - Everyone Welcome! 18+ Preferred

Average Votes: 4.1  Total Votes This Period: 9
Category: US Clan/Community  Discussion:
#19  TEAM IOEx

We are a big team that is peaking for a top 10 place atm. GO into our website for more informat or check our youtube out

Average Votes: 10.6  Total Votes This Period: 9
Category: EU Clan/Community  Discussion:
Scare Bears

The Scare Bears are a pvp oriented clan based around domination and destruction of our enemies. The apocalypse is a opportunity for the strong to subjugate the weak. Lets watch it all burn together!

Average Votes: 3.2  Total Votes This Period: 9
Category: World Wide Clan/Community  Discussion:
Zoo Clan H1Z1

Based in Kentucky, Core group of real world friends along side members from around the US. A group of players that are more then just a bunch of kill on sight thugs. We pride ourselfs on not just skill but teamwork.

Average Votes: 4.3  Total Votes This Period: 8
Category: US Clan/Community  Discussion:
Collective Gamers

New AU H1Z1 Clan looking for quality members. We have no age or experience restriction. We're looking for mature and respectful people. New people to the game are welcome and we will help you get up and running in the game.

Average Votes: 8.3  Total Votes This Period: 7
Category: Oceania Clan/Community  Discussion:
Haze Gaming Community - 18+ Multi-Gaming Community -

Currently Looking to Recruit Some Active and Dedicated Players. ----- "Just Some Cool Guys; Doing Cool Guy Stuff." - Kuttabody

Average Votes: 29.8  Total Votes This Period: 6
Category: US Clan/Community  Discussion:
#24  Inglorious

Inglorious has been actively playing H1Z1 since its release on January 15th 2015. We're an 18+ International community with over 5 years of history behind us. With an active multi-gaming community and our own TS server there's something for everyone.

Average Votes: 6  Total Votes This Period: 6
Category: World Wide Clan/Community  Discussion:
Military Gaming CO Teamspeak 3 Server

If you're looking to meet and play with others on H1Z1, hop on our public Teamspeak 3 server! We also have other games people play regularly.

Average Votes: 4.7  Total Votes This Period: 6
Category: US Clan/Community  Discussion: